Mysterious Water Creature Found! 2013 - Werid Footage!

Very werid footage of a creature washing up on shore!! like, share subscribeNO COPY RIGHT INTENDED! Footage off of YouTube Video Editor!!Thirdphaseofmoon is the best UFO and paranormal type of person ever! Hey everyone I am trying to reach 1,000 subscribers for about 2 years now and i am so damn close!!! All I need is about a little less than 200! So please just take a few seconds out of your time and click the subscribe button! Thanks it would mean alot!! BYE!!! :) Oh yeah almost forgot ENJOY THE VIDEO!!Huge sinkhole on road caught on camera1000's of people are DEAD RIP FOR THOSE. BREAKING NEWS!!! OMG GREAT WALL OF CHINA COLLAPSE'S!!!Cute baby kung fu baby look. Amazing ufo attacks another ufo then crash!!!!WARNING: BREAKING NEWS! This may be disturbing for younger viewers plz do not want if you are fainted hearted!!!The world is ending!!! 2012/2013 SHARE LIKE SUBSCRIBE!UFO Sightings Compilation Video - Weird Weekend 2012 TOP 10 ufo's sightings slender man ghosts angels demons lolThis is the most shocking footage i have ever uploaded to this channel. SHARE LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!omg huge ufo over new york ufo 2012 crash -UFO 2012 mw3 moab- haunted house- real ghost caught on tape- best scary ghosts videos- et and ancient aliens- extraterrestrial life on mars- ufo sightings 2012- area 51 sighting- alien from space- Strange and weird creatures- shocking devil exorcism- bigfoot chupacabra leprechaun monsters- spooky mermaids video- illuminati story- halloween adventures slenderHi ppl oof the world my name ufo crash slender man 2012 END OF THE WORLD 'S COMING! 2012 Song, Future Prediction Lyrics, Ancient Aliens UFO Rock Music BREAKING NEWS kauija attack 2012 world ending psy gangnam style performs syria attack. chiefs player kills wife then himself 2012 zombie tries to eat dog 2012 ufo fleet leaving moon ufo fleet landing on moon 2013something is going on! 2013

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