'Rads (Radiation Leaks), Large Mammal Death, Bioremediation, Red Tides' [Clif High Wujo, 06-Jul-2013]

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Title: 06-Jul-2013 Clif High Wujo, Rads (Radiation Leaks), Large Mammal Death, Bioremediation, Red Tides Recording Date (start): 06-Jul-2013, 03:15 PM Pacific Coast of North America Daylight Savings Time Release Date: 06-Jul-2013 Runtime: 00h 33m 25s (2005s) Topics Discussed: Rads (Radiation Leaks) coming from Nuclear Power Plants Japanese giving up on mitigating the melt-down of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors Radiation killing large mammals of the Northern Hemisphere Bioremediation of Radiation Contamination Extreme Weather The coming "Red Tide" (oceanic algae bloom) that Clif will be talking about with the coming ALTA report should will really be a "Rad Tide" forecast to begin hitting the lame stream news about the end of August, 2013. Editor's Note: Adjusted and normalized amplitude levels, repaired over modulation clips (as best as I could), removed a few of the more obnoxious uhhhs and ummmms. Clif High has released his January through May, 2013, IDIRs for free distribution on his website! Clif High's Website: http://halfpasthuman.com/ Please give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to my YouTube channel (ehyeshua), and visit Clif's website.

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