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Hidden from a Nation: The Media\'s Sick Censorship

  • Uploaded by Interloper on Dec 21, 2008
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In December 2008 something remarkable happened. For the first time in the history of that nation a GLOBAL protest took place in support of an Australian. Further, this was supported by a unique ground breaking video, and Tara Hack\'s beautiful support song. Within a myriad of trivia and smear constantly reported about Schapelle Corby, here was a HARD substantial international news story.

But it was NOT reported as such by the mainstream media! In fact they did not report it as all, despite every major organ being approached and notified! It is just one of many examples of blatant censorship and opinion management against someone already suffering so horrendously in a third world jail cell.

This short video documents the case using some familiar characters: Rumpole of the Old Bailey and Rupert Murdoch. It exposes this shocking incident of censorship in a unique and compelling way.

This video should be put in front of anyone who belives that the media is free and balanced. It should be mandatory viewing for all journalists.

For anyone interested in the horror story behind the case, see www.schapelle.net. This censorship is actually against someone whose human rights have been systematically abused. Schapelle Corby never had a chance: she has been in her cell for going on 5 years, with 15 still to serve (she may well not survive) for a crime she could not have committed.

For the Australian government, their strategic relationship with Indoensia trumps her human rights every time. The media play ball.

Schapelle Corby is dispensible: Murdoch and the rest of the media machine maintain the status quo whilst she slowly dies in her cell.

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