Glenn Beck Attacks Mos Def Force Feeding Video, Calls Obama 'A Ridiculous Piece Of Garbage'

July 9, 2013 - Glenn Beck today couldn't help but laugh at rapper Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) for subjecting himself to force-feeding in order to show his solidarity for the people subjected to similar punishment in Guantanamo Bay. Beck mocked the whole idea of sympathizing with people who are being given food in order to remain alive, and especially with prisoners in Gitmo. Beck also took some time to hit Obama on this issue, calling him a "ridiculous piece of garbage."

One of Beck's co-hosts mocked people criticizing force-feeding, saying, "What kind of nation are we, where we would make people have nutrition?! Where we would feed them to prevent them from starving to death!" Beck noted that the force-feeding is in response to prisoner hunger strikes, and it's being condemned by human rights groups.

Beck admitted he has no problem with shooting the prisoners or just letting them starve on their own, but called out President Obama for hedging on this issue, calling him "such a ridiculous piece of garbage at times." He said that a hunger strike will not make Americans more sympathetic and that it doesn't really matter much if they starve.

"It's not a humane way to kill someone, but we're not killing them. They are. If they want to go see their sweet, sweet Allah, I'm happy to introduce the two."

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