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smug Prius driver yell at a pickup truck owner about exhaust

  • CureX
  • uploaded: Jul 10, 2013
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Making assumptions about a person by the car they drive or whom they vote for is, no doubt, mostly bullshit. And yet, stereotypes exist for a reason. While it would be funnier if the people in this video swapped places, it is what it is.I still say we shouldn't fall for knee-jerk, lowest-common-denominator assumptions, but holy crap is this video not just the top dead center of expected outcomes? Shame on you for laughing anyway. Thanks Reddit and Jalopnik!

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  • russellozzyking2#

    russellozzyking2 July 11, 2013 12:01:50 AM CEST

    How the hell did they not kick ten bells of blubber out of her i will never know.... (mind you it would have done her a favour to lose a few Kilo of that mountain of lard, shame it wouldn't shut the mouthy cow up at the same time) If some woman was 3ft away from me mouthing off and my daughter was even closer to her, i sure as hell wouldn't have let her be that close to my family. If she had made a lunge at the child the mothers reaction would have been too late. We could have been looking at quite a different video than the one we just saw. The woman is a nut job. \m/ @|@ \m/

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