The Physics of Extra Dimensions

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Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University and author of Warped Passages, Lisa Randall talked about various topics in Physics, including the fascinating idea that there may be extra dimensions.Biography:Lisa Randall is a Professor of Physics at Harvard University. She is a leading theoretical physicist and expert on string theory and has had chairs at MIT and Harvard. She works on one of the main two competing models of string theory in the quest to explain the fabric of reality. Several speculative physical theories have introduced extra dimensions of space for various reasons: Kaluza--Klein theory introduces extra dimensions to explain the fundamental forces other than gravity (originally only electromagnetism). Large extra dimension and the Randall--Sundrum model attempt to explain the weakness of gravity. This is also a feature of brane cosmology. The extra dimensions in superstring theory are required for mathematical consistency and are often assumed to have the shape of a Calabi--Yau manifold. Universal extra dimension

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