Car bomb rocks Lebanese capital Beirut

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More instability in Lebanon. From the north in Tripoli to the south in Sidon and now to the heart of Beirut's southern suburbs. A massive car bomb explosion rocked the south of the Lebanese capital causing dozens of injuries and immense material damage. The booby tracked car was parked in the parking lot of a shopping mall. This area which was targeted is a civilian area. Over there you have a shopping mall where people go and buy their goods and you also have civilian buildings. So what is clear is that this attack was aimed at causing a state of terror and fear amongst the civilians. Meanwhile there was a mix of sentiments on the streets, ranging from fear and panic to outrage. Angry residents lashed out at some Lebanese political figures and movements, as if to hold them responsible for what took place. Meanwhile Lebanese officials implied that the rhetoric being used by some political camps was contributing to this instability, and thus stressed the necessity of unity to prevent escalated polarization. Since the outbreak of the crisis in neighboring Syria political polarization has increased in Lebanon. The March 14 alliance supports the armed opposition, while the March 8 which includes Hezbollah considers what is going on in Syria as a plot to target the anti-Israeli resistance. Hezbollah lawmaker Ali Ammar says Tuesday's explosion bore the finger prints of Israel.

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