New details emerge on US spying scandal

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Apparently the United States National Security Agency program isn't only restricted to Europe and the US. Whistleblower Ed Snowden, who is seeking asylum in Venezuela, has released more details about US spying south of the border. Brazilian daily, O Globo, which obtained the cables released by the former CIA employee, published a report detailing the NSA's initiatives on the collection of metadata. But according to Snowden, the US has also been spying on Latin American countries. The NSA surveillance program has been so prolific that new revelations seem to be released about it every several days. First we heard about domestic spying, then information collected about the UK, then members of the EU and now, Latin America. According to records reported by "O Globo," the NSA carried out espionage in Latin America in the beginning of this year using at least two data-snooping programs: 'PRISM,' from February 2-8 and 'Boundless Informant' from January through to March. 'PRISM' collected metadata through Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube, while 'Boundless Informant' recorded telephone calls and access to the internet. However, it's unclear how the US would benefit from the widespread surveillance. Privacy advocates say they are fighting to get to the bottom of the NSA surveillance program, but it must take place in phases. There have already been requests petitioning the US Supreme Court to discern whether or not the record collection is legal. Several Latin American countries have already condemned US actions. And many including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela and Colombia are expected to demand an explanation for the data collection program from US officials at an upcoming economic summit.

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