Americans rally against government war plans in Middle East

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Demonstrators gathered in the heart of New York City's Times Square as part of a National Day of Action to call on the government to stop the wars in the Middle East. They say the White House's June 13th announcement that it would begin directly supplying arms to the opposition in Syria is a dramatic escalation of the U.S./ NATO war against that country. The fact that thousands of U.S. troops and intelligence personnel are training Insurgents and coordinating operations in Turkey and Jordan and the Pentagon's possible plan for a "no-fly" zone over Syria have worried the protestors taking part today. When President Obama claimed that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons in Syria, he touched a raw nerve with many Americans who remember the pretext for going to war with Iraq, when the Bush administration claimed that Iraq had chemical weapons, and no weapons were found. The demonstrators backed by over 30 groups and individuals are staged to call on the government to stop cutting basic services and eliminating hundreds of thousands of public sector workers jobs in the last three years in the name of a discredited austerity to spend billions of tax payer money for military expenditures. While Washington has acknowledged that arming the foreign-backed insurgents will harm national security, protestors say calling for regime change will also have adverse effects.

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