NSA Blackmailing Politicians, Military, Judges - Whistleblower and former NSA intelligence analyst Russ Tice

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Is the NSA blackmailing Barack Obama? If so, WHO would be doing the blackmailing? WHO is in charge of the NSA if not Barack Obama? Is there a ‘power behind the scenes’ that we are not aware of? Who could it be? Zionists? Nazi’s? The Russians? China? The Bush’s? CIA? NWO? The Muslim Brotherhood? Who??? I’ve got my own theory, backed up by much evidence over a long period of time! I sure hope that I’m wrong. I’d love to read our readers theories in the comments below. Who is in charge of the NSA? The same people in charge of the MSM? Obama certainly has much he can be blackmailed over, we all know that!
Whistleblower and former NSA intelligence analyst Russ Tice talks with Abby Martin about how the recent NSA scandal only scratches the surface of a massive surveillance apparatus, citing specific targets the he saw spying orders for including former senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Feel free to POUND the NSA public information office at 301-688-6524. It’s time that the government, or WHOEVER is in charge here, KNOWS that WE are WATCHING THEM, too. I dare you!

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