The People's Voice hits the ₤300k target [David Icke]

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Do you want to present/report for The People's Voice around the world

If so, contact us with your experience and background at

Calling all bands, musicians, comedians and other artists who would like to appear on The People's Voice

Please contact us

Do you have programme ideas and/or videos and documentaries that we can broadcast?

Please contact us

We are looking for programmes out of Africa and South America. Can you help?

Please contact us

Can You Help Us Find A Studio In London?

Email if you can help us find a studio in Central London.

Do you want to work with The People's Voice?

As well as essential full-time professionals we need a lot of volunteer help to operate at the level and quality of output that we plan.

We need programme producers, researchers, video editors, engineers, office staff and so on.

If you would like to help, please email us at this address ...

Do you want to join our advertising team to secure the future of The People's Voice ongoing?

We are looking for people based out of North America and the UK. If you have experience working within sales and advertising, please send your CV to:

Can you support us with legal help?

Another area in which support would be much appreciated is with legal help in the run-up to going on air as everything is organised and the ongoing structure set up.

If you can help, please contact us at:


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