911 ~ Troll Proof

  • Uploaded by CodeChief on Jul 12, 2013
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This video may even turn naysayers and the uninformed. No one was expecting the Twin Collapses and experts in firefighting were on TV saying it could take "Days" to put the fires out. Huge Interview you never hear.They make buildings out of steel, so fire won't destroy the structure. The Chopper footage is Cbs 2 which had the best Aerial views of Both Explosions, which is a word heard often from the commentators and eyewitnesses. Rare if not unseen footage paints a completely different picture than the one hanging in the halls of Justice now. The Ladies at WB 11 call it like they see it and the video quality is excellent all around. I call this Troll Proof because the wandering attack dogs will stay completely away from it. Firefighters took the biggest hit that day on the ground, along with countless others, but America lost its soul that day and it's been getting darker ever since. There is Hope always, never surrender. Come for the 12th to NYC. I am going again this year with my three Dogs (Max, Blessing, Jasmine). This is going to be fun and a huge forum of discussion.

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