Are We Ready For Aliens?

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jul 13, 2013
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FOLLOW:**Big thanks to Antonius from AVbyte for helping with audio!His channel is great: vbyte **My video about space travel and the Fermi Paradox and Drake equation: to do if you meet an alien: Office of Outer Space Affaris: and forward contamination: declaration: Society on post-detection policies: Othman denies Earth/Alien ambassadorship: Davies as Earth/Alien ambassador: SCALE: SCALE CALCULATOR: SCALE applied to movies and real life: bst2002/rio2002.pdfface on mars: SETI data live! SETI process data with your own computer! and first contact steps: Quarantine: Space Treaty: ptospc.pdf?_=1316555222&_=1316555222 poster: Hawking and aliens: pr/30/stephen-hawking-right-aliensBERLIN from space tweet: / India border from space: Autopsy [VIDEO]: Autopsy story: sources: /If-We-Receive-An-Alien-Signal-Then-What.htm rticle-2174136/Aliens-Well-probably-close-encounter-century-says-leading-physicist-warns-governments-ready.htmlGOOD WIKIPAGES:

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