Apollo 20 Alien Spaceship on the Moon

  • Uploaded by pnf7 on Jul 13, 2013
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The main feature of this video comes during the second half, which shows a "normalized" version of the 16MM film of the alien craft shot by L. Marietta Snyder during her CSM flyovers.

The problem with that video is that it is difficult to make out what the craft actually looks like, close up.

So, the second half of this video shows the usable shots, rotated, tone adjusted, scaled, and bit-bended, which gives the appearance of a rather large ship, close up.

The video begins with the AS15-P-9625 zooming in. Then the AS15-P-9625 shot morphs into the AS20-1020 shot, also zooming in.

Then, when AS20-1020 starts to get fuzzy, it morphs into the shot of the ship taken with the Westinghouse color TV camera. For this effect, the main image is a composite of four different frames from the original video taken during Apollo 20 CSM flyover. This composite was tone adjusted and desaturated to bring out more detail.

Finally, the Westinghouse TV camera shot morphs into a composite of the ship taken by Leona using a 16MM movie camera.

The Apollo 20 crew patch displayed at the beginning was manually restored from a low-res screen capture of CDR Rutledge's previous postings.

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