Geraldo Blames Zimmerman Trial On "Political Pressure, Race Politics" From Sharpton

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Geraldo Blames Zimmerman Trial On "Political Pressure, Race Politics" From SharptonBRIAN KILMEADE: Are you surprised the judge decided to open it up beyond murder 2 to manslaughter? GERALDO RIVERA: No, not really. I predicted the judge would do that. I thought that manslaughter was the only possible ramp they could have brought from the get-go because it requires no more than culpable or criminal negligence, unlike murder in the second degree which requires a depraved mind and ill will and hatred and all the rest. It never was that. This is a case brought because of political pressure, race politics in this country, I hate to say it. I hold the Reverend Al Sharpton in much higher regard than many of my colleagues. I won't speak for any of you presently, but I think I do. But I totally believe that the Reverend Al is the catalyst behind the murder 2 charge six weeks after the incident. I believe the original prosecutor got it right. I think it is a self-defense situation, a classic self-defense when you look at all the trappings. That should have been the charge, manslaughter, at best, if any charge was going to be brought. The fact that they are resorting to it now is a sign of the desperation of the prosecution. They know how weak their case is. They have zero chance of convicting this man on murder 2.

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