Conditioning Canadians For The War On Terror [Dan Dicks @ PressForTruth]

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With the onslaught of recent "foiled terror plots" we have seen here in Canada, one would think that there is an ongoing threat from either outside forces or from radicalized homegrown domestic extremists as we are being led to believe. However in each and every circumstance there is a hidden hand at play and in its grip lies a sinister motive to generate the fear of an attack in the minds of the Canadian people. Canadian "Foiled Terror Plot" And The Intelligence Community Operation Smooth -- The Canadian Connection to Global "Terrorism" Bill S-7 And The Root Causes Of Terrorism CSIS is Watching! Get "United We fall" on DVD: Support Press For Truth and help us to continue by contributing at Get updates like this everyday and support independent media by joining Press For Truth TV: We rely on you the viewer to help us continue to do this work. With your help I can continue to make videos and documentary films for youtube in an effort to raise awareness all over the world. Please support independent media by joining Press For Truth TV! As a Press For Truth TV subscriber you'll have full access to the site's features and content including Daily Video Blogs on current news from the PFT perspective and High Quality Downloads of all Press For Truth Films, Music and Special Reports! Subscribe to Press For Truth TV: For more information visit: You can also support Press For Truth and help us continue to do this work by donating or becoming a sponsor at Check out our gear in the the PFT Shop:!/DanDicksPFT

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