UFO lights above South Bend Indiana 13th July 2013

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Source MUFON Filmers comments:I live about 4 miles north of downtown South Bend Indiana and a mile and a half north of Notre Dame Indiana. At 10:15 pm on July 13 2013 I was watching TV when I looked out of my living room window to the south and saw a red/orange object traveling from the East going to the West. It looked to be about twice the size of the brightest star. I went out into my back yard and saw that there were two of them. I got my phone in video mode and filmed them until they went behind my neighbors trees. I saw that there were three more coming into view and I filmed them as well until they also went behind the trees. I switched my phone into HD mode and got another, much better video of one of the objects. When I zoomed into the last one you can see its colors changing rapidly. They were all traveling at the same speed and in the same direction but not in a straight line. One was a little lover than the rest. I don't know how fast they were moving but they came into view from around a tree to my due South and went out of my view behind my neighbors tree to the Southwest of my house, in about a minuet to a minuet and a half. After the six objects all were out of view I stayed outside for another half hour to see if there were any more. There were not. Note: This video is distributed freely and constitutes as 'fair use' under section 107 of US Law.

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