Lie Another Day: Bohemian Grove 2013

For the Bohemian grove participants, it's just another day of lies. To the people outside of the Grove, it's just another day to protest the evil we face in this world. .
"The Cremation of Care is a satanic ritual." From outside the Bohemian Grove, July 13, 2013. The Cremation of Care kicked off the Grove festivities later that night.
July 13-20 2013 - Bohemian Grove Protest Information:
On July 13, 2013 we protested the activities of the Bohemian Club/Grove and spread awareness about "Bilderberg-West" at 20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA 95462.
Bohemian Grove 2013 article; For more information about the peaceful protest:
What bothers me the most is the Cremation of Care, which is almost identical to the sacrifices to Molech, Baal, and other evil fronts for the devil.

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