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Ship or Large Building on Mars! Definitive Proof of Life on Mars!

  • UFOlogic
  • uploaded: Jul 16, 2013
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  • Suzy105#

    Suzy105 July 21, 2013 8:37:17 PM CEST

    That's a space ship that was lost by Flash Gordon when he was there saving the earth in 1936!!! LOL!!!

  • Terry72763#

    Terry72763 July 17, 2013 6:41:47 AM CEST

    Logic Dictates we consider the number of Lost Satellites, Rovers, and Other equipment sent to Mars Around Mars or Past Mars, That were Either Lost, Turned Off, Or Logically May have Crashed into the Planet. A picture Of what appears as a Craft on the surface doesn't dismay my thoughts that if any Craft's Are Photographed on the Surface of Mars, that they would be found to be one of Earth origin that Crashed down.

  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 July 16, 2013 6:40:13 PM CEST

    And this couldn't be blown sand much like those images to the left? Why? This apparent sand dune is aligned exactly with the others to the east.
    Sometimes the most obvious explanation is the most accurate.
    However paredoilia or matrixing is an excuse for seeing things where they aren't.

  • max.l@live.se#

    max.l@live.se July 16, 2013 4:58:58 PM CEST

    This person needs to look up the definition of the words "DEFINITIVE ", "PROOF" and "LIFE", obviously he hasn't got a clue.

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