the AMS mission: six astronauts at CERN 25.07.2012

Return from space: from the ISS to CERN - A lecture by the astronauts of the AMS mission by Mr. Mark Kelly (NASA), Mr. Greg Johnson (NASA), Mr. Michael Fincke (NASA), Mr. Roberto Vittori (ESA and ASI), Mr. Andrew Feustel (NASA), Mr. Greg Chamitoff (NASA) On 16 May 2011, the space shuttle Endeavour took off for the last time from Cape Canaveral in Florida with six astronauts on board. Their mission (code-named STS-134) was to install the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), the dark matter and antimatter detector designed at CERN, on the International Space Station. Since then, AMS has been sending data to CERN from space. In this lecture, the six AMS astronauts will present the STS-134 mission. source -

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