2013 0715 A New Kind of Storm

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Jul 17, 2013
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At first I was a bit excited and couldn't believe that Snowden would actually comment on the chemtrail program. It seemed like a stretch, but what the heck, the world is a strange place these days. Then as time went on it felt more and more implausible that without providing substantiating document or references, this story was/is a hoax. The discrediting of Snowden and all future whistle-blowers must begin with partial truths wrapped in a patriotic fear of disturbing the status-quo. ----Big storms are a coming. This backward moving storm is just plane wrong, AND is is being exactly duplicated in the Pacific. Its like they are taking a huge slug of cold polar energy and swinging it back around and throwing into the tropics to create monster hybrid storms. I've never seen anything like it.This kind of engineering could take temperate latitude storms and then sling them southward into the tropics creating powerful hybrid types of disastrous weather events that are wholly unnatural in nature.The map discussion begins at 3:10.

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