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Very Strange Ocean Anomaly Caught By ISS

  • UFOlogic
  • uploaded: Jul 17, 2013
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  • Ufojay#

    Ufojay July 22, 2013 5:14:22 AM CEST

    It's is a circular land mass just under the surface. It's a crater created by a meteor or a volcano. There are lots of these in the ocean.

  • Roxeal#

    Roxeal July 21, 2013 11:39:31 PM CEST

    regarding my other comment - the orb is specifically on the upper left edge of whatever that is in the water, just to the right of the corner - it's just a slightly different shade from the milky blue whatever that is - all my processes show it as a separate, unique object

  • Roxeal#

    Roxeal July 21, 2013 11:37:44 PM CEST

    I did a photo analysis of a screen shot and at the upper left corner, on top, there is a definite orb - you can see it, and when I do different processes on the photo - the orb stands out distinctly as being above/separate from whatever that is in the water

  • Lambros6#

    Lambros6 July 21, 2013 5:55:04 PM CEST

    Looks like a sub missile !

  • Ancientfossil#

    Ancientfossil July 21, 2013 4:05:18 PM CEST

    Do we live in incredible times are what!!!

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye July 19, 2013 2:32:04 PM CEST

    You would think so, but given the content of some posts, its blatantly obvious closed minded people frequently post too

  • Disclosure#

    Disclosure July 18, 2013 9:45:20 PM CEST

    In defense of any unintelligent comments posted here properREDeye, I think we're all capable of critical thinking- that's why we're here, no?

  • markleaver1#

    markleaver1 July 18, 2013 2:45:38 PM CEST

    with global warning, it could be a methane gas bubble being released off the ocean floor. they fly dot com

  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye July 18, 2013 2:34:39 PM CEST

    Nothing anomylous about an algae bloom. Interesting video to the right audience, like National Geographic... but obviously posted on the wrong website, there is nothing to disclose about this. I would love for aliens to be proven but to twist and speculate about well known, documented and explained phenomenon is just stupid. Seriously guys, i thought users of this website were critical thinkers, turns out i was wrong

  • Slith#

    Slith July 18, 2013 1:24:34 PM CEST

    Maybe just a big ship making a u-turn

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