Welcome Our New Robot Overlords @ BAASICS.2: The Future

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Aaron Saenz: I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot OverlordsBAASICS.2: The FutureJune 18, 2012 @ ODC Theater, SFAaron Saenz is a former physicist, an improvisational actor, and a tech journalist. He currently writes for SingularityHub.com, covering everything from crowd-sourced holographic Japanese pop stars to open source research robotics. He's also the host of Singularity Hub's Accelerated Tech News, a new video recap of the week's top stories in science and technology. Follow his work on Twitter: @adsaenzwww.singularityhub.com boutBAASICS (Bay Area Art & Science Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions) is a series of San Francisco-based evening programs that bring together local visual artists, musicians, choreographers, scientists, and interdisciplinary thinkers to present engaging, multi-media lectures and performances that explore a given theme.In the United States, the contemporary fine arts and sciences are generally set apart from popular discourse, and despite much talk of commonality between artists and scientists, there is little substantive dialogue between the disciplines. By bringing together working artists, scientists, and other creative individuals to present diverse ideas and projects organized around one theme, we aim to foment not only interdisciplinary exchange but a new genre of experimentation that will move beyond what one of these disciplines can achieve on its own. More importantly, because these lectures and performances are free and open to the public, we hope to make the fine arts and sciences less esoteric for a general audience, thereby inspiring guests to think about how art and science relate to one another and to society at large.BAASICS was conceived and is produced by Selene Foster & Christopher Reiger, with support from Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure Grant Program. BAASICS is proud to have presented its first two events in conjunction with ODC Theater and Root Division.www.baasics.com

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