Palestinian refugees in Syria training to liberate camps from foreign-backed militants

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These mountains hide a lot of secrets. This is one of training facilities of Palestinian resistance factions in Damascus countryside. We were taken to this undisclosed site by the popular front for the liberation of Palestine . These trainees are unlike previous ones. They are made up of volunteers from the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and mainly A-Yarmok camp-- the biggest refugee camp in Syria. Foreign-backed insurgents took control of it in late November 2012. This monument inside the training base shows names of fighters who died in operations inside occupied Palestinian territories, training halls in the base shows different kinds of weapons---- some of them seized from Israeli soldiers in previous battles. The base consists of a network of underground tunnels to protect from airstrikes. Training in this camp was mainly for guerilla warfare but now the tactics have to change with the new battle. It's rare to get access into this site especially after latest militants attacks on various Palestinian resistance training camps. Most of the volunteers here are not fighters , they are new to guns and bullets but like everything else in Syria fighting spares nothing and no one. This training facility was built to train fighters to liberate Palestine. Today it is still training fighters but for a different battle , the battle to liberate Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, many things have changed since the time this camp was established and now but one thing remains and that is the suffering of the Palestinian people.

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