Amazingly large UFO changing direction whilst shining laserpen at it!! United kingdom!!

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Jul 18, 2013
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"Large UFO comes into view, whilst following it i shine my laser pen at it and it changes direction"- wayneneish FREE Download, 'Allies Of Humanity Briefings' - llies-of-humanity-book1.pdfhttp://www.HumanSovereignty.orghttp://www.AlliesOfHumanity.orgalien abductionalien invasionalien agendareal aliensallies of humanity briefingsSUBSCRIBE : SUBSCRIBE :SUSCRIBE(Awaken To Your Multidimensional SELF)DONATIONS If you feel like Donating, you can, it would be my passion to make films full time, Please Donate at my website Below. DanielofDoriaa@gmail.comAny help is Truly Appreciated!BE LOVE ((((O)))) Come Join!! SHINE & RIPPLE The Wave of Love!!

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