Sneaky UFO's Behavior Documented - NIGHT VISION, Pennsylvania

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jul 19, 2013
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Witness States: Reupload since the hacker deleted it (so sorry if it's too old for ya). Found another channel had uploaded a crappy quality copy of it, I figured since majority loved it there, I'd upload the original again. Filmed when action was outrageously hot and frequent in my area (now more spotty) in January/February 2011. Watch and LEARN their VERY COVERT and sneaky ways so you can spot them in your own skies, if present. FOR MORE CLIPS SHOWING MORE OF THEIR VARIOUS BEHAVIOR FILMED (same sneaky group doing patrols worldwide regularly -- even over Moscow, so don't give try to convince us these are USA 'secret' crafts): VIDEO of them doing the FAKE STAR MIMIC that pops out more ORBS like a STARGATE over North Irwin, PA: HIGHLY recommend night vision to look for them (Yukon Night Ranger binocs, model 28041 or better--has video out jack) since much of what they do is not visible to bare eyes. If you suspect you have their smaller probe bubble-spheres hanging around and don't have night vision, you can also hold a FLASH CAMERA over your head and look in direction of flash and take many fast random shots (disable autofocus so it doesn't hunt focus). YOU WILL SEE these bubble-like ORBs REAL-TIME reflect the flash if present and near enough to be hit. Sizes of probe orbs typically baseball to beachball in size -- because they can expand/contract their sizes at will. List of others worldwide seeing/filming this same group's UFO crafts and spheres. Partial list on my channel page under "About" section. No more room to add more names.... I have FOUR complete-hit FAA RADAR REPORTS that prove these are not solid objects to coincide with HD footage with GPS embedded. So far, not ONE self-professed UFO investigating agency has asked to see those radar reports and original untouched copies of these videos. And the news? Yeah, they won't touch it. SAME KIND now being seen frequent and in large quantity enough to study near North Myrtle Beach, NC -- so again is no excuse for scientific community to go and STUDY THEM like they're obviously studying us. Turnabout is fair play after all.

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