Israel blocks Gaza gas field development

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Thirteen years ago British Gas drilled the Gaza Marine-1 and Gaza Marine-2 wells, thirty kilometers off the coast of Gaza. The drilling led to the discovery of a massive natural gas field: with 1.4 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves. In 2011 Tel-Aviv authorized the U.S-based Noble Energy, a crude oil and gas exploration giant, to begin developing the field. But the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) says the offshore field belongs to the Palestinians. Because of the Israeli blockade, Palestinians don't have enough cooking gas in the coastal enclave. They aren't allowed to develop or tap into their own gas fields either. International law forbids occupying entities from using transferring or selling the natural resources of any occupied land. A report by the U.N Economic and Social Council, also says Israel not only prevented Palestinians from accessing and utilizing their natural resources, but also depleted and endangered them. Experts say Israel will continue to tap into Gaza's natural gas reserves to meet its needs after supplies from Egypt were interrupted amid the unrest in the Sinai Peninsula. Experts say that Tel-Aviv's monopoly on Gaza's energy and natural resources violates international laws and norms.

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