Ukraine struggling to deal with human trafficking menace

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Every year, more than 2-point-4 million people are trafficked worldwide, resulting in 30 billion dollars illicit income. At all continents, this phenomenon has become the third most important criminal source of income after drug dealing and arms trade. It appears in various forms and shows different faces. People are often sold from developing regions to developed ones, as well as within a country's borders. The most common motives for people being trafficked are poverty, lack of prospects and the belief in a better future. Alina also believed the same and 5 years ago, she got trapped. Ukraine is a source, transit and, recently a destination for the human trafficking. International organizations estimate about 1000 such cases annually that end up mainly in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, the UAE, Italy, and Spain. Of all those cases, only 34 people gained the official status of those who suffered from trafficking. Most cases are not reported, while many remain unseen by the state. NGOs say that human trafficking has transformed into a multi-billion-dollar international business, which in many countries is masked off as simple swindle or violation of labor contract. Local authorities have announced that the fight against human trafficking is one of Ukraine's priorities during its current OSCE chairmanship. Officials boast of the number of reported cases decreased since 2010 by 25%. As of now, Ukraine has no official shelters for the victims. However, many organizations provide psychological assistance and special trainings to stop human trafficking altogether. Still every year, thousands of Ukrainians are trafficked abroad, while thousands of foreigners are being trapped countrywide.

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