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Kirk Cameron's new movie 'Unstoppable' BLACKLISTED from Facebook AND Youtube? What's going on?


  • terrypost18#

    terrypost18 July 21, 2013 2:57:57 AM CEST

    That's easy; See the whole story of Jesus and Mary and God and Satan is a pure man made contrivance with absolutely evidence of any kind to support it's truth.. But don't feel bad, the Torah and Koran are also equally made up and the continuous attempt to peddle it as true is by it's own definition a scam.
    It has no place in schools, no place in a child's mind and absolutely no place in politics yet day after day we see the intrusion and resulting confusion of it's creeping insidious propagation. Here's a hint, do you know where atheists come from? Former believer's that actually read the entire bible, cover to cover like a normal book and 'surprise surprise...Bam, another athiest is born. Surely that must tell you something....if that's all it takes, then something is wrong with your opinion of the whole mess. Selling Jesus is and always will be a scam no matter how fancy the robe and tabernacle.

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