Israeli army forcibly arrests Canadian activist

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A Canadian activist has been violently arrested by Israeli forces in Hebron also known as al-Khalil and deported to Canada. 26-year-old Sarah Ali was forcibly detained by Israeli troops when she was monitoring how Israelis violated Palestinians' rights while entering the Ibrahimi Mosque. Footage taken by the activist group Youth Against Settlements shows how Israeli soldiers use excessive force when detaining the international campaigner. Palestinian activist Osama Baker says activists from groups such as the International Solidarity Movement are often targeted. That has led to a declining international presence in solidarity campaign groups. The International Solidarity Movement stresses the importance of internationals documenting and reporting to local media and international media about the daily life under apartheid and countless human rights and international law violations by the Israeli military, particularly as they often support marginalized communities whose human rights abuses often don't get any coverage in the mainstream media. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights has condemned the arbitrary detention of Palestinain activists at Israel's Ben Guiron Airport and their inhumane treatment there. International activists consistently put their lives at risk being at the front line in order to record Israeli human rights abuses in Palestine. However the targeting and abuses against activists are rarely reported.

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