The Alien Contact Story with Medical testing results - Michael Lee Hill, Cleveland

  • Uploaded by Spock on Jul 21, 2013
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More at: The Alien Abduction story of Michael Lee Hill from Cleveland, Ohio. A 39 year old UFO enthusiast and musician claiming that the UFOs come closer every year and that he feels that they know he is filming them. Source: Case #58105, UFO Hunters, History Channel "Alien Abduction" Musician " Michael Lee Hill" Cleveland Ohio "UFO Incident" Mothership UFO Incident "alien encounter" ufo aliens apocalypse sightings "UFO Sightings" spaceship spaceships "sightings ufo" "alien video" "UFO Video" "UFOLOGY" UFO pictures" "Alien Pictures" flying earth Unidentified Flying Object Stars Sky "flying saucers" "UFO Shop" "Alien Shop" "UFO Store" "Alien Store" planet shuttle universe Paranormal "Paranormal Activity" "Mother Ship"

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