Dome shaped UFO sighted during robbie williams concert? In Delsjn (Gteborg) 2013.07.20

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Jul 22, 2013
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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR ESSENTIAL INFORMATIONVideo description: Last saturday night 2013.07.20 we were out in Delsjn (Swedish nature reserve) and "UFO-hotspot", in Gteborg (Sweden). We decided to go out and have a good time by ourselves out in nature, drink some beverages and grill some food. I brought my camera with my just in case we would get to see something considering how often UFOs appear around these areas, approximately an hour after we arrived in Delsjn approximately 23.00 (pm) we saw something glow from a far to the north of the lake, i was sitting on a bridge on the water while looking at this object with the binoculars, my girlfriend was kind enough to hand me the camera so i could start recording the UFO since i was kind of drunk and could had fallen down into the water.As seen in the video the object appeared from the north, i was lying down on my stomach in order to minimize the actual shaking since i did not bring a TRIPOD! with me, we had food and beverages with us that weighed several kilos, so no tripod this time. However i managed to capture this object without a tripod and while lying down on my stomach that was full (this is why you hear me complain in the video). The UFO at first looked like a Saucer when i saw it through the binoculars, it started moving sideways to the east of the lake, as soon as it started to get close to the area of the lake where there was a lot of people, the craft put on some fake blinkers and started to "blink". It was a obvious saucer dome shaped craft the whole time when i looked at it with the binoculars, my girlfriend who is also an eyewitness saw with her own eyes the disc shaped form of the craft before it started to blink. Considering that Delsjn is very close to Landvetter Airport it makes sense that it would mimic airplanes in order to confuse approximately 20-30 additional people besides us who were present in Delsjn when we recorded this object last night.Hopefully someone might report something from last night around Delsjn? There were many people at the lake, maybe someone saw something? The loud music from the concert kind of ruined the peaceful visit to nature but it only lasted for a short while, it seems it was a famous artist playing.. Enhanced video-version with image-stills coming in a few minutes!As usual comments are welcome, just keep them mature and as intelligent as possible.

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