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Breakdown - Incredible Bigfoot Footage


  • douglasretzer#

    douglasretzer August 29, 2013 11:16:27 PM CEST

    LOL, the Bigfoot seems to be lost. First he goes to the left, then he stops, out in the open. Not a normal thing for a Bigfoot to do. Then it goes to the right never trying to hide or cover up his or her presence. I have only seen fake videos of this nature. Then you hear a grunt that sounds kind of interesting. It didn't sound very threatening to me. If I had a bigfoot that close to me and I was filming it I would try to get the best shot of it I could. After all who wants to look at a video out of focus. This I believe to be a fake. Not a very good fake. I wonder if he was just talking to himself. That's a sign of a person being alone for long periods of time! And it didn't move very fast. Kind of looked like it was looking for something but didn't have a clue what it was. Well this was a waste of 8 minutes I can never get back!!! Jeez, my 10 year old makes better videos of himself and his friends playing. And more interesting too!!! LOL

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