Edgar Cayce's Seven Prophecies to Come

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Here's an interesting oneEdgar Cayce gave many readings and some of his predictions have come trueHere are seven which haven't, yetHe predicts a rise in consciousness and land rising in the Pacific as well as the Atlantic and the flooding of New York and the coasts of the Southeastern portion of the USAHe makes predictions for Canada and the Midwest tooThe Great Lakes will empty, directly into the Gulf of MexicoThat means that the seas will rise, significantlyIf the South Pole snow and ice melt, that two mile thick sheet of fresh water could cause sea levels to rise 600 feet and that's what is needed to have the Great Lakes empty directly into the Gulf of MexicoA pole shift would cause the South Pole to be warm again and that means melting of the snow and iceThe Zetas are predicting a pole shift and say we are 7 out of 10 or 70% of the way thereDon't worry, though, because mankind will not become extinctThere are many underground bunkers for the elite and when mankind rebounds, it will be only be the genes of the beautiful people, not riff raff, like you and meWe paid for the DUMBs, but we don't get to use themOnly the elite have the right to liveWe will have to fend for ourselves, on the surface, without food, water or electricity

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