Graham Hancock 'War God' & the Spanish Conquest of Mexico/Capricorn Radio June 3/2013

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Graham Hancock joins host James to discuss his newly released novel War God -Nights of the Witch, Graham is perhaps best known for his non-fiction writing but this new, exciting historically based novel will certainly change all that. The novel deals with the significant time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in vivid detail.Book Review:'War God by Graham Hancock is one of those novels that are truly captivating from the outset. Hancock has essentially proved himself a fantastic credit to fiction writing in this historically based saga. Not only has he made this significant period of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico tangible, but evidently shown there many lessons we can still learn from the past. There is a massive sense of drama and intrigue imbued in the reader at the very start as we transcend the characters and settings. Inevitably we are then satisfied with a series of dramatic events, historically based, that are simply incredible. All in all it is a courageous effort of writing that works beautifully. The supernatural theme has gone largely ignored in the historical record. War god not only addresses the supernatural theme, but it also amalgamates all aspects of this historical episode together.'

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