A Republic...If You Can Keep It.

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If you watched Tactical Response Instructor Reid Hendrix in his YouTube debut "A Republic if you can keep it" and liked it you will love what we have for you next. "Fighting Mindset of the Founding Fathers" is a historical analysis of the American Revolution and its root causes. This lecture series will continue and will track the American Revolution from its beginnings to the modern day. The American Revolution was fought in the hearts and minds of the American people, as well as on the battlefield. In a sense, the American Revolution is still manifesting itself in terms of ideas, the role of government, and the actions of American citizens. Much of the American Revolution might surprise you. The focus of part one will be on colonial and British events leading up to the Revolution, historical figures, and their perspectives through their own writings. We will start at the latter half of the 18th century and cover events leading to the first shots of the American Revolution. JOIN US at "Fighting Mindset of the Founding Fathers" for a energy filled gathering of Patriotism! http://www.TacticalResponse.comGOT QUESTIONS? ASK HERE: http://www.GetOffTheX.comTRAIN WITH US: http://www.TacticalResponse.comBUY MY GEAR! http://www.TacticalResponseGear.com FACEBOOK ME! http://www.facebook.com/JamesYeagerofTacticalResponse

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