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Did Comet ISON's Orbit Change While Hubble Watched?

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jul 24, 2013
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Short answer, no. Images from the video including the gif animation of the raw frames (minimal processing for noise and histogram levels), the Celestia simulation, and the SDSS comparison frame. are the orbital elements for Hubble from May 7th formatted for Celestia (taken from the two line elements on the day before it imaged ISON, the last update made prior to imaging) followed by the orbital elements for ISON. Paste into your solarsys.ssc file in the data directory of Celestia."HST:Earth I" "Sol/Earth" Class "spacecraft" # Mesh Radius 0.005 EllipticalOrbit Epoch 2456420.08339616 Period 0.06650900 SemiMajorAxis 6934.072 Eccentricity 0.0002942 Inclination 028.4690 AscendingNode 179.0025 ArgOfPericenter 280.2726 MeanAnomaly 206.8218 Obliquity 028.4690 EquatorAscendingNode 179.0025 RotationOffset 84.7189 # Orientation [ ]"ISON" "Sol" Class "comet" Mesh "halley.cmod" Texture "asteroid.jpg" Radius 7.6 # maximum semi-axis MeshCenter [ -0.338 1.303 0.230 ] EllipticalOrbit Epoch 2456625.250000000 Period 109038 SemiMajorAxis 2282.308172942471 Eccentricity 0.9999945476328708 Inclination 62.38589533802820 AscendingNode 295.6552091510417 ArgOfPericenter 345.5636654945164 MeanAnomaly 359.9999998206497 # chaotic rotation, imperfectly defined: # this version from "The New Solar System", 4th Edition; Eds. # JK Beatty, CC Petersen, A Chaikin PrecessingRotation Period 170 # 7.1 day axial rotation period Inclination 66 PrecessionPeriod 0.010 # 3.7 day precession period Albedo 0.04

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