Battle for Yarmouk; Palestinian volunteers help Syrian army

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These troops are advancing towards al-Yarmouk camp, into a battle that requires a lot of vigor and firepower. The regain of Al-Yarmouk will essentially be a turning point in the Syrian government's efforts to secure the capital, Damascus. The fight for the refugee camp is actually being carried out by the Palestinian popular committees with the support of Syrian military units. The house to house fighting has changed the situation on the ground quickly. This post was controlled by Anusra front just minutes ago and now it is manned by Palestinian fighters. The fight in Al-Yarmouk is a very difficult battle for both parties, Palestinian popular committees are fighting to return to their house, and the foreign-back insurgents are fighting to maintain the closest point they ever got to Damascus city. Insurgent are burning houses as they retrieve to slow down the advancing Syrian military units along with the Palestinian volunteers. This barber shop is now the front-line in the battle for AL-Yarmouk camp. But everyone knows that this battle won't be an easy one.

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