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The MAD science glowing animals! Glowing humans next?


Glowing dog with ON and OFF switch! And changes color depending on what it is fed on! Glowing dogs,cats,pigs and etc...all glowing. For what? For who? Science has gone mad and they are going to destroy every living thing on this earth because of our ignorance. They call a glowing dog with on and off switch NORAML! Was a dog meant to glow? Or a cat? Or a pig? Or a mouse? Did god created those animal glowing? or changing color with what they are fed on? Aren't these scientists crazy? Seriosuly something is terribly wrong with this world. We better Wake up before there is nothing left to save. ------------- This video is for educational purposes and no copyright infrigiment intended.

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  • socurran#

    socurran September 24, 2013 2:11:46 AM CEST

    So if we should have to hide in a world in crisis as war, We run to the cave like humans before us to hide
    and the hiding is taken away from us. Our USA has places they'd like to put us away in, this being master control, so wonder if they put it in bottled water = they'd do it in a hot second !, along with our regular water supply. My fellow human beings beware if we not in the know and say or old seniors, no uniforms for us and the sick could easily be eliminated ! Glowing ?, What for cave dwellers ?
    Check out those actually making millions from our Government in grants for anything that could be twisted and inhumane treatment to us all ,anything possibly and there's others keep looking and if it's
    a verbal telling you from a friend or stranger ,take care look it up through different Org.'s .
    Good luck to us in all countries in the meantime are you volunteering for your RX med's in that small
    gene that fits so easily into your wrist ? Think about how far you should let them tell you to go ?
    Horror stories, there's more real plum islands ,hundreds I've heard and were paying for them !
    Somewhat humans chanced or taken experiment's for money and turned into several different inhumane parts with in.....and when it fails he's or she's dumped in the ocean like trash from a cruise liner.
    If we demand our puppets in congress to stop funding's for monsters !
    Please beware of the new / old SS Devil acts how much can you compare ,we've taken over the NAZI torments on the living humans , how many animal's & Humans must wash up on the beaches ?
    Wa'Do = Father Sky & Mother Earth must be very disgusted in what were doing to the air and each
    other, and majority of people don't give a shit = Big Mistake ! Stephen (Hushlizard) O'Curran

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