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Did Comet ISON Cause an Apocalypse in the Ancient Past?

  • Uploaded by Propheeet on Jul 25, 2013
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The Bible, Mayans, Hopi, and Egyptians: The bible says a "dragon" with a "tail" (in other words a comet) will appear in the constellation Virgo this year (Oct 2012-Oct 2013) and at some point it's tail cast the stars to the Earth. The Mayans said "Bolon Yokte" would become visible this year (Dec 2012- Dec 2013). The Egyptians said an object would enter our solar system from Orion/Taurus/Gemini. And the Hopi said a blue star would precede a red star, when the earth will be purified and the space brothers return.What is Planet X? the Mayans REALLY Said About Dec 21, 2012 (Guaranteed you haven't heard this one yet-probably because it's the truth): Mayans, HOPI, Egyptians, Bible, Comet ISON, and Rapture: Estimate Location of Planet X: of Planet X Orbit? Planet X Coordinates? to Look for Planet X: in the Bible & Rapture in the Mayan Texts: CLOCK in both the Mayan & Hebrew Texts: VS_T6lPIVAFlyby in 2018? the Abomination of Desolation was set up August 2, 2012: Revelation 12:1-5 was fulfilled on October 16, 2012 Final World Government Described in Bible (The Beast): Days End in 2014 The Escape of the Bride & Timeline in the End: of the TRUE Calendar: 2013 Really Could be the Year: an EMP Start the Great Tribulation? the Biggest Event in History is About to Happen! Why a Third Temple Does NOT Need to be Rebuilt Before Christ Returns: of Rapture & How it Relates to 2012 (Parts 1&2): Proof the Book of Revelation Describes a Coming Asteroid Strike: of the Book of Genesis: Aliens Masquerading as God for 6000 Years? 3 Shapeshifting: The Shaft That Made Their Appearance Blossom: Removal of the Veil: you to those who make it possible for me to research and share this important information!!! If you appreciate this research, please help me continue! PayPal keeps your information private, and every little bit helps! BIG THANK YOU to those who do!!!

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