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Baltic Sea UFO: Ancient Writing on the Object Wall?!

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  • uploaded: Jul 25, 2013
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  • Michael777#

    Michael777 August 4, 2013 5:58:03 AM CEST

    Its the winning lotto numbers for last months Super 7 draw!

  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 July 28, 2013 10:37:21 PM CEST

    It is bubbles in the concrete ballast of the Russian Novgorod Class war ship. Keep digging and fantasizing.

  • JoeSmith#

    JoeSmith July 27, 2013 9:04:40 AM CEST

    BTW, did anyone actually saw this thing fly yet? Then why called it an UFO [Unidentified flying object} LOL!

  • JoeSmith#

    JoeSmith July 27, 2013 9:01:55 AM CEST

    A NUT CASE!!

  • Rantar#

    Rantar July 26, 2013 11:51:36 AM CEST


  • fixyou5262#

    fixyou5262 July 26, 2013 8:37:33 AM CEST

    I cant see a damn thing on it.

  • OMGihavetomakeanACC#

    OMGihavetomakeanACC July 26, 2013 6:54:22 AM CEST

    why the hell are you judging this video? if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. it's people like you that make me feel awkward when reading comments. i'm not going to explain why, but you NEED/SHOULD relax. "OMG!" site is "*profanity*" etc.

  • Pyrestarter#

    Pyrestarter July 26, 2013 5:55:19 AM CEST

    It's a reptilian fucking shapeshifter. Holy shitballs, Batman!

  • Ontherock#

    Ontherock July 26, 2013 12:34:18 AM CEST

    Based on that very short clip,,(of what could be anything really),,,,I think it is incredibly premature to even
    think of those few unimpressive marks as any kind of communication or any form of writing,,,

    I will reserve judgement on what it may or may not be,,,until I see some substantial evidence,,either a video,,or picture,,or artifact,,(even those can be highly suspect),,,all I see is a piece or rock under water,,,nothing more,,,

    But you also could be right in your assumption,,,that would be an incredible find,,,,thanks for taking the time to post your video,,,


  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 July 25, 2013 7:03:46 PM CEST

    OMG that line on the left of the screen looks like half of the letter "v". Or a tilted letter "l". LOL this site has gone to shit!

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