Syrian Army clash with Insurgents in the Yarmouk refugee camp

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Yarmouk camp (world) -25/07/2013- the correspondent in Syria, said that military operations continue in the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital of the People's Committees of the sons of the camp with the help of the Syrian army and armed groups, where the Palestinian popular committees achieved remarkable progress in defeating insurgents. Military operations carried out by the Palestinian popular committees to support the Syrian army on several axes in the Yarmouk camp. A member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command F-Abdullah Al-Alam news Thursday: we have made unremitting efforts we all Palestinian factions are to get them out the way of good, and gave all the time, but all efforts failed, leaving the option in front of our people in the Yarmouk camp and the Palestinian people in Syria and the Palestinian national factions, but be forcibly Ikhrjohm. The attacking forces were divided according to a new military tactic, into three sections, each group to deal with their goals in isolation from the other, according to the style of gradual nibbling and install advanced points, according to military sources. The military officer told our correspondent: Our goal in the battle today is access to the electricity market or through Mohammed V and then the full liberalization of the Yarmouk refugee camp. In the narrow streets and adjacent buildings, battles spin from one building to another, from sniper fire and assign the bullet used by the advancing forces. The military officer told our reporter: now we have come almost to the axis of happiness and move forward, leaving only a small hub and is only a few days and resolve the battle. The channel broke the world more within buildings controlled by the Palestinian Popular Committees, and the media which raised the indicated concentration of victory in front of these buildings, while gunmen torched an apartment where they were stationed to cover their withdrawal prior to the arrival of Palestinian fighters. The morale of the fighters seemed high, after the progress they have achieved, bypassing all the obstacles planted by insurgents on their way, after the engineering units dismantled several improvised explosive devices.

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