Insurgent commander killed in Aleppo and the army continue to take Homs Syria

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Syrian army killed Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, known as "Captain Hammam" one of the military leaders of Nur al-Din Brigades, the armed Zanki's "Free Army" and one of the leaders operations room Mansoura so-called Battle of Qadisiyah. The Brigades Nur al-Din al-Zanki armed killing Capt. Hammam during his leadership of the battles district adult ocean scientific research in Aleppo. noteworthy that the slain joined last year, this battalion to serve as an officer operations, where he attended drawing military plans, including storming engineering company and the storming of Mount Hoihna and adults. confirmed the positions of the Syrian opposition and Tenseekietha on Facebook killed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Abdullah. On a related Cleanse Syrian army town مصيبين in the countryside of Idlib from armed groups and adjust plant improvised explosive device inside. Correspondent world in Syria, said the army entered مصيبين from several directions, and clashed with the armed groups that were entrenched inside the town before he destroys the preparation of whom Weaver rest. correspondent said the army had found the plant improvised explosive devices, hand-made, and that he dismantled the explosive devices planted by insurgents on the road to Jericho, plant brick, and targeted communities militants and destroyed their headquarters. said agency SANA said army units Syrian achieved in Homs significant progress in the prosecution of armed groups neighborhood of Khalidiya and beyond the region where they are located School Umayyad and buildings located on the eastern side of them and wiped out large numbers of armed men in the neighborhoods of Khalidiya and Bab Hood and workshop and hamidieh and Jouret Shiah and near the mosque Shamsi Basha palaces. prey for the army to armed groups tried to infiltrate to shy clan Alaqrabas and rhythm all its members killed and wounded while the destroyed units heavy machine guns and gatherings of armed men in the house and large paneling and Aghannto and Dingle south and Beit Hijo and Rastan and appointed Hussein Tel free himself Brive Homs. At Countryside Daraa army destroyed Okara for armed groups in the vicinity of bridge Tubnah and Karak east and Maliha Bank and Bosra Sham and nuclei and Sidon, the Golan and the axis of Albesalh and Almqrz and nuclei. to that source said it was the rhythm of members of the armed group killed and injured were being committed acts of looting and cut the roads on the way Mharda Marzaf Brive Hama. On the other hand announced Brigade Alfaroouk of the militants, the army free, and battalions Other militias mentioned collaborating with the group "Islamic state" and the Front victory subsidiaries to base the launch of what it called the battle "Glory to God" from tenderness to "cleanse Ras al-Ain of the Kurds," according to the plan. said the banner of "Farouk" as the crowd his fighters and they're gone already to fight in the head eye, according to announced التنسيقيات. opposition The Tenseekiet reported killed more than 50 members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in a suicide near the village Jawadah, Brive-Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, on what sources told Sky News.

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