Silent Sound( S.S.S.S.) Psychotronic Mind Control for the Masses

Want a BIG HDTV, LCD screen..? Energy pulsed out to you, surrounded by EMF radiation, new 4G phone network, Cloud WiFi hot spots....experiments were advanced back in the 1930's on using ELF microwaves for mind control.....the obscenely rich oligarchs view humanity as their property and want an unchallenged world dominating position....infertility will mean selected populations only and there will have to be a transition period, during this time mind control of potential opposition will be required....

Know your own mind and thoughts, recognize who you are and how you tick...question your own thoughts and remain true to yourself. We the people need to become critical thinkers, follow your the right thing. Rise up and stand together, inform each other and raise our vibrations. UNITE....PEACE 4 ALL

p.s. I do not which movie but would like to know too.... ; )

Originally posted by Wei Liu, thank you.

Published on 24 Feb 2013

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