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UFO Deep space object through telescope!


  • stephenjspace#

    stephenjspace October 14, 2013 12:02:21 AM CEST

    Let me tell you first I am a firm believer in extraterrestrial life. I have seen some pretty compelling images from NASA’s Hubble Space telescope, before it’s been Photoshoped, showing fairly clear images of deep space objects that seem convincingly to be real life star ships. I also know as a fact that images taken from the Hubble space telescope that has ‘unexplained anomalies’ are Photoshoped out before the images are released to the public. I also know that ‘amateur’ photography does not go through this process.

    With that being said I am a bit hesitant in saying what I have found regarding this video because I do not like debunking what is assumed to be of extrametrical origin.
    So without further a-due:

    I am a Photoshop master, meaning I can enhance an image with superior results. I took a screen capture of the video and imported the resulting image into photoshop. The first thing I did was increase the pixel density by 500% to help polish of the pixelated edges of the image detail. I applied a de-blurring technique, a color enhancement technique, and a brightness enhancement and toggled the effects independently to see if anything new can be seen. As I was toggling these affects, right off the bat it appears to resemble a dark greenish tank (like that of a submarine, almost) of some form. The lights off to the side seem to be reflections of a solar cell or some form of radio broadcasting equipment attached to said tank. Unfortunately this is all consistent with space debris Orbiting earth. Great catch, but I believe this is nothing more than a satellite orbiting earth. If you wish to see the images with the various effects applied with photoshope you may contact me at my gmail address at stephenjspace. Just put in the subject ‘space images request’ and I will be happy to e-mail the best ones over to you.

    As far as the pulsating lights on what, Im guessing, is the solar cell of the satellite is common with some ‘intelligent’ satellites and yes it is common for ‘inactive’ satellites to have ‘still active’ lights on them. Hope this helps.

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