The Great Laser/LED Pen Through The Window Fake UFO Video Con Exposed

The Great Laser/LED Pen Through The Window Fake UFO Con Video Exposed How to fake a UFO video using laser/LED pen(s) and a suitable window.1/ Get yourself a few (2,3,4..?) good laser/LED pens. The more the better.Tape them together so that the on/off buttons are easily controllable.2/ Find a window that looks out onto a sky..cloudy and blue or even dark is good. 3/Either tape the laser/LED pen(s) to your video camera on the side or the top or have someone shine it/them onto the window from behind you..4/ Switch on your laser/LED pens and shine/project them onto the window.5/ Make sure the window is crystal clear and has no marks/dirt on it 6/ Now switch on your camera.7/With the laser/LED pens lit point the camera at the window onto the scene beyond the window and sweep your video camera over the scene. Stay within the sky line to begin with - over the clouds etc and down over mountains or hills if there are any.The laser/LED beam will follow the camera's movements exactly. 8/ Switch off the camera.You have created your first laser/LED pen window fake UFO video. Now you trim off the beginning and end of the video using a video splitter.This gets rid of the ragged beginning and end of your fake video masterpiece. Upload to YouTube - Everybody else is doing it! You can even zoom in on the the projected laser/LED beam on the window. This gives the impression that you are zooming in on the actual scene BEHIND the window. The effect is the same. As you get better at it you can make the UFO "disappear" behind a tree, building by simply switching the laser/LED pens off and on at the exact times you go behind and come out from behind the tree or building.It takes practice! Some people make money out of these fake UFO videos!!!

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