Using Sunflowers As A Living Trellis For Cucumbers - Learning Experience And Lessons Learned

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Jul 28, 2013
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Using sunflowers as a living trellis for cucumbers is a learning experience for me. I figured I'd take the time and let everyone know how the garden is coming along, planting mistakes made, what I will do differently next time, and things of that nature. Basically, if anyone is following this I'd like to allow you to learn from my mistakes so we can all be better gardeners in the long run.Plants used are heirloom giant greystripe sunflowers and garden leader pickling cucumbers. I also planted dukat dill, french marigold, lemon balm, and radishes within the sunflower beds acting as companion plants to attract beneficial insects, repel garden pests, and ward off disease.The entire garden covers an area 25' by 50', a 1250 square foot garden. The plants are laid out in 25 rectangular 4' by 10' raised beds with five beds running east west and five beds running north south. There are 1' wide walking paths between and around each bed. The beds are all double dug 18" deep to allow plant roots to spread and absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil.Lesson learned: stick with the original plan and don't vary from it at the last minute without taking time to consider the for watching, commenting, subscribing to, and supporting this channel. If you like this video please give a thumbs up and share it with others. If you have any questions or tips please leave a comment.

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