Reply to a Hireling Dog-Collared Priest who pretends to be a corner stone in his Church of Mammon.

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Reply to a Hireling Dog-Collared Priest who pretends to be a corner stone in his Church.
I am glad to hear that you lived with a family from the Punjab who practised Sikhism. Now, what was their surname? Were they of the Jatt tribe? So, you lived with the tribal people of the Punjab and not with Sikhs, the spiritual self. Did they share with you anything on Christianity and Sikhism? They must have told you the names of the Five husbands of the Samaritan Woman at well, KAAM, KARODHH, LOBHH, MOH and HANKAAR or in a house, there are Five; two, the LOBHH and MOH of mind or MUNN or of spirit against three, KAAM, KARODHH and HANKAAR of the Haumae or EGO of the natural man and three gets cheated against two of clever people of MUNN. Have you any idea of the Three and Two please? I know this mystery and in the service of Orthodox, when the Bishop reads sermon then there are candle stands with two and three candles that the two persons holding go against each other but after the sermon, they bow down and find rest. Gospel seals you to serve God only and you leave the worldly affairs that are not noble. I can explain all these mysteries.

Now, a natural man knows the things of Nature and he has no knowledge of the spiritual as the Seed cannot take roots in his heart - some seed fell on footpaths producing no fruit but the birds of the air, sensible people of spirit, availed of what he was reading and understood it in spirit. So, you have a vast knowledge as you have studied theology but if you are not spiritual, then you will vomit out what is written. Gospel Treasures are buried under the Parables and the one who found that Field, sold his property, as people did when the first Church of God was formed, to buy that Field. Logical reasoning is the Tool that you need to dig out the Treasures called Logos. That is no more worldly attractions, the weeds that kill Fruit as explained in the Parable of Sower. Soil Free of weeds is Wilderness that Jesus and John took to leaving their earthy families and produced 100% in the Family of God where Storge love prevails and there is neither giving nor taking. Remember when the woman married the Seventh Husband, then whose wife was she? The Seventh is the Middle Candle of Menorah. These things you know if you make God as your Father and enjoy His Company. That is why in the Gospel of John He stressed that we have been made the sons of Most High called Christs and not the Christians of the Book as we know His Secrets buried in the Parables.

Now, how many of you know that God is our Father and not a Lord as lords have slaves and they are not allowed into the house or take share of inheritance of our Father? This has been made clear by Abraham when He took Ishmael and his mother Hagger and put them outside the boundary of the Promised Land as inheritance of Father's property is to his Real Son Isaac and not to the son born of a slave girl. So, when people address God not as Father but Lord, they become slaves to be kept outside the house or put God and Jesus in the Kingdom of Satan and they themselves become the sons of Most High Satan. There is no Lord in the Royal Kingdom of God but Father, our God, Holy Spirit, the Mouthpiece of our Father, our Mother and one who represents Father is a Son and not a Daughter. So, all the Apostles including Mary Magdalene were the Sons of Most High Father.

Our Father is Supernatural that controls Nature or is above Nature. That is why Jesus stilled the storm, produced heavenly Bread to feed the Five thousands, cured the people, made the dead living, etc. All these become easy to understand to a twice-born spiritual person. Anyone who is the Son of Most High can do what Jesus did. As in Jesus, our heart is the living Tablet over which Gospel is written and not in the Books that are corruptible, so Faith in righteousness of our Father counts in Christ Jesus who has introduced to us our Father through His Word and not the Prayers that used to be a communication method to approach demiurge god of Nature, the creator of male and female, Yahweh that was kept alienated by the Rabbis from their Disciples. Thus, in Jesus, we are Labourers employed in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father and we enter to this Vineyard through the Narrow Gate meant for the solitary Temples of God led by their Innerman, the Christ. We need to renew our Christ every day to learn more mysteries of our Father.

As regards the sins are concerned, you should know that sins are transgression against the moral laws made by men for the natural men to discipline them. These were applied by their Rabbis to their Disciples to discipline them as when Christ Jesus was eating at Matthew’s place some Pharisees and Sadducees came objecting to his Labourers why you do not wash your hands, pray and fast as the Disciples of John, the Baptist, an Ideal

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