Jesse Ventura Talks 2016 Election, Howard Stern and Government Lies

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Jesse Ventura discusses the 2016 presidential election and why he and Howard Stern could not do worse than Democrats and Republicans, plus government lies, Edward Snowden 'the hero,' and immigration politics from the Mexican border. Jesse is back in the US after some time away and he has a lot to say about the country with Buzzsaw host Tyrel Ventura. GUEST BIO: Former Governor of the state of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura needs no introduction. His larger than life presence in wrestling and entertainment is only outshadowed by his political independence and activism both in and out of government. After a recent spell in Mexico, Mr. Ventura is back in the United States. His most recent book is 'Democrips and Rebloodlicans.' ADD'L LINKS: More Jesse Ventura Interviews: Buzzsaw Episodes Playlist: Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist: EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 Introduction to Buzzsaw. 00:15 Jesse Ventura warns against screen time. 01:15 2016 presidential election, "If I run, I run to win." 03:15 The only president since George Washington without a political party. 05:00 Why run with Howard Stern? 06:28 How would Jesse Ventura bring change? 08:00 General Smedley Butler and bringing the military home. 08:53 Thoughts on the Immigration 'Scam' bill: How can you portray freedom when you're locked like East Berlin? 10:25 Coming back to the US from Mexico and open borders. 11:59 Edward Snowden the hero, 'Our government lied to us again.' 14:20 Corporate media government takeover, Bill O'Reilly and FOXNews. 15:45 "Stop electing democrats and republicans." 16:35 Thanks and goodbye.

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