Detroit Test Case For Genocide In America

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Detroit Test Case For Genocide In AmericaSubscribe to WikiIntelNewsOriginal video link July 23,2013 A political policy for Genocide is rolling out in America. The conditions now being experienced by the people of Detroit, as described vividly in this presentation, herald the future for the rest of the American people unless Glass-Steagall is immediately restored and the true enemies of the United States recognized, and defeated.Detroit is Too Big to Fail: Crush Wall Street, Not The American Peopleby Bill Roberts, LaRouchePAC Policy Committee On Friday, July 19th, during a live webcast Lyndon LaRouche warned that if we do not succeed in forcing the U.S. Congress to put through a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, we can kiss the nation goodbye. As the financial bubble continues to implode, the banks of the trans-Atlantic financial system would simply default on payments to their debtors and a major part of the population of Europe and the United States would simply be left out on the streets to starve to death. .......This is the type of blatantly fascist bail-in policy spelled out in Title II of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, which creates a top down authority by which the "systemically important" global banks can commence the "Cyprus-style" default on depositors' accounts. It also reflects what J.P. Morgan has openly called for in a recent 16 page document where they brag that a top down, unified bankers dictatorship over Europe is already halfway complete and that the only thing standing in the way is anti-fascist, pro-democratic constitutions in place in certain European nations. ...Read More ... The true enemies of the U.S. are operating within the U.S Government, Banking Institutions, News Media, Pentagon and War-machine Corporations and the Federal Reserve System; all of which clearly represents the House of Rothschild's (The British Empire) Israeli Jewish Zionist Network acting as the Shadow Government, the Obama Administration, the real authority behind the mask of the U.S. Government. These are the true enemies of the United States that need to be recognized, and defeated.The reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act will be a step toward reorganizing the banking system in America. National Banking under a U.S. Hamiltonian Credit System will end the Rothschild Central Banking System in America. "Chasing the Money Changers out of the Temple" (America) is a major step that could only be carried out by a Constitutional Military Force to drive these tyrannical Zionist rgimes of evil and corruption out from behind the U.S. Government and mainstream America.Detroit, Genocide, Agenda 21, Michigan, MI, WikiIntelNews, economics, economic meltdown, roundup, Bernanke, Wall Street, economy, currency, global economy, stock market, gold, silver, stocks, fed, federal reserve, commodities, interest rates, credit, debt, stimulus, loans, banks, bankers, banksters, banking, economic crisis, econcomic crash, financial collapse, economic collapse, financial crisis, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, finance, financial, corruption, LIBOR

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